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'How could it happen here?' False-flag terror comes to NZ

Jabcinda LogoThe following two articles were written in mid-2019, and were formerly part of my index page. I have retained them here mainly because the first article, in a panel headed "Payback?", looks at some of the actors who were probably involved, if only in an advisory capacity, in the planning and/or execution of the Christchurch false-flag attacks. The above question — "How could it happen here?", i.e. in remote, "peaceful New Zealand" — is often the first that is asked by those who still don't realize that such "attacks" are staged for a reason — in this case, to show that nowhere is safe, that nowhere is beyond the reach of the bogeyman — and that, of course, you need more protection from the Dear Leader/Single Source of Truth.

Bullet At the time of writing, the consensus among independent analysts (i.e. not academic or media stooges) is that the shooting has all the hallmarks of a false-flag operation by that nebulous entity known as the New World Order. (See "Payback?" panel below.) If it is such an operation — and I am inclined to think it is — Tarrant is agent, rather than instigator.

Hijabi cop stands guard in Christchurch

His motive, which we were repeatedly told was a desire to "divide the community", is therefore irrelevant. One can also rule out any such motivation among the planners of the operation.

A "doomsday disease" is a far more effective divider of people. First, it encourages each individual to view all other individuals as potential biohazards. And later, as we saw in the case of the Covid "emergency", it can be used to drive a wedge between the "vaccinated" and the "unvaccinated". (From December 3, 2021, to April 4, 2022, in response to the contrived Covid "crisis", New Zealand instituted a "vaccine pass" that barred the unvaccinated — the ritually unclean — from enclosed public spaces. It was an apartheid system in all but name.)

But putting the above arguments aside, the reader should be able to see that the reaction of most people to "one of New Zealand's darkest days" was never in doubt. It was a wholly predictable outpouring of sympathy and support for the "traumatized" Muslim "survivors" of the "shootings" and, by extension, for their coreligionists throughout the country.

The Government, which must have anticipated this reaction, had its slogan ready: "They are us". And two weeks later, when imam Gamal Fouda delivered his speech at the memorial service in Hagley Park, the scriptwriters produced a winner: "We are broken-hearted but we are not broken". The event was a national catharsis, a tear-jerking jamboree that set the stage for the "Team of Five Million" that, a year later, enthusiastically embraced the almost suicidal hysteria of the Covid era.

In this way, the manipulated, propagandized people of New Zealand, already dumbed down by four decades of mindless television, were primed to accept the abrogation or curtailment of their civil liberties — as we saw during the heyday of Operation Gladio between the 1950s and 1980s.

Muslims say it won't divide them Typically, in the "problem-reaction-solution" scenario, the authorities rush through measures that (a) disarm the public, (b) arm and militarize the police, and (c) provide for an across-the-board increase in surveillance, censorship, repression and control. Already, we have witnessed moves to turn New Zealand into a nation of spies and snitches — to "keep us safe", of course. Dobbing in your neighbor has never been more virtuous.

In this country, too, the relatively new cultural phenomenon of "safetyism" goes unquestioned, despite its deleterious effects — as described by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt in The Coddling of the American Mind. Meanwhile, police harassment and intimidation ensure that few have the mental fortitude to challenge the insanity.

• In the above iconic picture, Constable Michelle Evans, wearing a Calvin Klein scarf and sporting a red rose, stands guard at Memorial Park Cemetery in Christchurch. The gun is a Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle.

Poles apart: Two reactions to the Christchurch 'terror attack'

Poles apart: two reactions to the Christchurch psyop
• How to think in three simple steps: (1) Raise index finger to temple, (2) Scratch vigorously, (3) Engage brain.

All this constitutes the sinister subtext of the lovey-dovey line being fed to us by the legacy media in the aftermath of the Christchurch event. The draconian bans on disseminating, or even viewing, Tarrant's manifesto and video are part of the overall crackdown — as is the absurd claim we should not give the terrorist "oxygen" by mentioning his name.

Salam on front page of ThePress Clearly, the Government is desperate to control the narrative, and to consign anything that conflicts with this to oblivion. And like all governments, it is determined to strictly censor the social media and all "alternative" sources of news and information. Its rationale: We are psychologically fragile, and must be protected from wrongthink and "harmful" images. In other words, we are children, and the country is a kindergarten writ large. It's all part and parcel of the infantalization of society that has gathered pace since the 1970s. The Government's crackdown could also be seen — and is seen by some observers — as a test of the speed with which it can stanch the flow of information and stifle all meaningful discussion after such a national crisis.

A further concern for the Government must be the fact the "live-stream" contains numerous anomalies, which would lead to endless debate and expressions of skepticism if the video were made public.

Payback? Did Israel hijack the drill and turn it into 'reality'?

Bullet "Payback" by Israel for perceived hostile actions by New Zealand is another possibility. "Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly told New Zealand’s foreign minister that support for a UN resolution condemning Israeli settlement-building in the occupied territories would be viewed as a 'declaration of war' ”. — The Guardian, December 28, 2016. See here.

In Chronicles of False Flag Terror, Nick Kollerstrom writes: "We can be confident that these events are 'state-sponsored,' meaning set up and created by the 'Axis of Evil', CIA-Mossad-MI6. In general, we cannot know to what extent one or another of these intelligence agencies is involved, as they are so closely interlinked." (See how a Mossad spy ring was unearthed in Christchurch. And see how the Federation of Islamic Associations joined the chorus of condemnation of Ahmed Bhamji, chairman of the Mt Roskill Masjid E Umar, who told a Love Aotearoa Hate Racism rally in Aotea Square, Auckland, that he saw Mossad as a possible source of funding for the Christchurch "terrorist".)

With Kollerstrom's statement in mind, one has to wonder whether New Zealand's "security" services should be added to the above "axis", albeit in a subordinate role. Few can have failed to notice that mysterious armed men, described as special forces, were conspicuous on the streets of Christchurch in the wake of the alleged shootings.

German historian Wolfgang Eggert, who "believes that modern history is dominated by the Cabalistic plot to fulfill Biblical Prophesy1," speculates that "Israeli intel...learned what was being prepared [i.e. an anti-terror drill] and decided to saddle-up this virtual action, as they did...during...9/11, 7/7, Oslo-Utoya..."

Suspicious car owned by SIS or Internal Affairs? • As we saw on the previous page, the ownership of the car parked to the left of the main entrance to Al Noor Mosque could point to one of the parties to the mosque shooting deception. (This is the car that disappears while the "gunman" is entering the mosque compound for the second time, via the carpark entrance.) The RightCar form (left) indicates that vehicle FQM875 is "not found". And Greg Hallett — the source of this image — says "This means the vehicle is owned by the NZ Security Intelligence Service (SIS) or Internal Affairs (IA) as a throw-away vehicle to be used for bumper-to-bumpers, car-ramming and hit-&-runs."

1. Henry Makow Ph.D:

The triumph of darkness in the "Mosque of the Light'

Jabcinda LogoMarch 15, 2019, was, indeed, "one of New Zealand's darkest days", but not, in my opinion, for the reasons given by the Government. For a start, we are now locked into a farrago of fact and fiction that cannot be teased apart. And if you do attempt the exercise — or, worse, if you analyze the shooter's "live-stream" — you are judged mentally sick and in need of psychiatric treatment and/or imprisonment for up to 14 years.

Bullet If the past is anything to go by, the Powers That Be will eventually trundle out pop psychologist Nigel Latta, who will tell the nation, in his folksy manner, how emotionally deficient we questioners of the official narrative are.

Already, predictably, we are being told that we are insensitive to the "bereaved" relatives of the dead, who have been hurt twice — first by the loss of their loved ones, and then by the denial of their loss by "conspiracy theorists". But I, for one, have never claimed, categorically, that no one died in this or any other false-flag terrorist attack.


By selling us illusion, and then insisting we accept it as reality, the elite are gaslighting us. They know that sooner or later — if not already — it will be impossible for the aver-
age person to distinguish between the two. In other words, the individual will, consciously or unconsciously, lose any trust they previ-
ously had in their ability to make judgments. The elite will thus be the arbiter of all things.

Deaths can occur in any such operation, especially if someone strays from the script or if something untoward happens. But as a rule, the perpetrators don't want to cause deaths. That's because (a) any death is a complication that can lead to legal problems, (b) real deaths are unnecessary when they can be faked, and (c) the ideal operation is one in which people believe there have been fatalities when, in reality, there haven't been any. The latter represents the acme of the psyop.

The perps also know that even if no one dies in a "terror attack", they will still be able to draw up a list of the dead and wounded that will be accepted without question in a court of law. They have been staging these deceptions for about 70 years, and know that, because the public is gullible and legal proceedings are perfunctory, they can continue their modus operandi almost indefinitely.

NWO will have won when everyting Americans believe is a lie Although they operate in the shadows, they leave hints of who they are and what they plan to do next — possibly to taunt those who know how to read their signs. But according to Danish-born analyst Ole Dammegard, another of their perverse aims is to safeguard their karma.

Their rationale is: "We gave you several clues. If you were too dumb to pick them up, that's your problem. We can't be held responsible for your stupidity."

Dammegard has also spoken of the pair of shoes, signifying "homage to the sacred space", that is often left at the scene of a murder. In Freemasonry, this ritual removal of the shoes is known as the Rite of Discalceation. Conversely, a single shoe, when placed at the scene of an "event", means "this was done voluntarily" — again, in the words of Dammegard. The Masonic Lodge of Education puts it differently: "The Masonic Shoe, called the Blue Slipper, is symbolic of a physical confirmation of a spoken deed." (Note, in passing, Ardern's past links with the Freemasons. Note, too, Gordon Duff's allegation, in The Millennium Report, March 18, 2019, that "most of [NZ's] officials are Masonic".) Listen to Dammegard speaking to Vinny Eastwood, March 16, 2019.

But these Masonic idiosyncrasies are not all. Taken as a whole, the Christchurch "shootings" could be said to represent the triumph of darkness over light in a city that memorializes Christ, the "Light of the World", and in a mosque dedicated to "The Light" ("Al Noor"). And this is where things become problematic for the Muslim community in New Zealand. For if the Muslims have sided with the globalist elite — the "dark hand" behind the false-flag terrorism of the past 60 years — they have, figuratively speaking, made a compact with the devil — what could also be described as a Faustian bargain.

Clearly, the nation's Muslims, and especially those of Canterbury, have gained a lot. Only weeks after the alleged shooting, more than $15.7 million has been raised for those "bereaved". Meanwhile, the status of Islam has risen remarkably — to such an extent that an article warning of the "dangers of Muslim immigration" would today be almost impossible to write. Furthermore, the Muslims can look forward to increased protection from all forms of "hate speech", which increasingly includes anything they find "offensive". But it is indisputable that they, and the rest of the community, have also lost a lot.

One immediate consequence of "one of New Zealand's darkest days" is the wholesale assault on freedom of speech. We are now in the grip of a veritable frenzy of censorship that is stripping us of rights our forebears fought and died for over many centuries. See here and here. See also the Philip Arps case. Internationally, this censorship is driven by an outfit called the Trust Project, which promotes the execrable corporate media ("news with integrity") while forcing those with real integrity out of business. But sadly, most people — especially young people — are today so indoctrinated they don't even notice what is going on. The much-vilified Donald Trump does, however. See his speech of September 24, 2019, at the United Nations.

Google censors hashtag Christian
In another tweet, Robichaux says that when he submitted the same ad, but with the keyword "Muslim", it was OK'd. The liberal Left doesn't like Christianity because it postulates the existence of an Absolute. This is anathema to the Left, which wants everything to be based on the shifting sands of relativity. The Left doesn't like Islam for the same reason, of course. But at this juncture, it sees an opportunity to use Islam to weaken Western society and prevent the emergence of an effective opposition to the globalist agenda. To digress: I maintain the liberal Left also dislikes culture, despite its avowed dedication to "multiculturalism". Ultimately, it would like to reduce all cultures to vestigial status. In other words, once a year, you would put on a grass skirt and do a dance on a stage. Or once a year, you would wear a shamrock on your lapel. Then you would return to the joys of everyday life in the surveillance state.

It's tempting to simply assert that the state is corrupt. More to the point, however, is the observation that there are people in the state structure whose primary allegiance is to the New World Order/World Economic Forum, and who are determined to mold New Zealand to its globalist ideals. There are various ways in which they can do this. First, they can co-opt the mainstream media, and ensure it supports the official narrative on any controversial issue — often by denying there is any controversy in the first place! Then they can either co-opt or neutralize the various sectors of society. The unions have long gone as an effective political force, and the potent student/peace movement of the 1960s is now a distant memory.

The beauty of the false-flag terrorist attack/hoax — as staged by agents of anonymous actors in the globalist elite — is that it speeds up the consolidation of power at critical junctures. Specifically, it enables the elite to (a) claim we can no longer afford the "luxuries" of due process, free speech, and private gun ownership, and (b) bring even fringe groups into the fold. When I heard the imam of Al Noor Mosque, Gamal Fouda, say an effusive "thank you" to the globalist Ardern, I realized that this gambit of the New World Order had also worked in the case of the Muslim community of New Zealand.

Truth is treason in an empire of lies
                                 George Orwell

"Thank you" for what? For the way in which Muslims were enticed into what must, for most, have initially been seen as no more than an anti-terrorism exercise in which they could play a colorful and exciting part? For the way in which Muslims were led, step by step, into a labyrinth of lies, which now collectively form the Lie That Is Too Big to Fail?

Anyone who has doubts on this score should look at some of the Muslims' testimonies, and check them against what purport to be factual records of events on March 15. Take, for example, the testimony of former Canterbury Muslim Association president Mohamed Jama, as reported by the Listener in its issue of March 30-April 5: "He [the gunman] came in the gate — the first person he came to was me. We were just one step away, very close. He looked at my face, I looked at his. He walked past me. I said, 'Where are you going? Do not enter.' But he went inside the mosque and started firing."

Where is this encounter in the shooter's "live-stream"? The answer is that it isn't there. So if Jama's testimony is true, the "live-stream" is indisputably not what it purports to be. Both can't be factual.

The "live-stream" possibly does contain a call to the approaching gunman, just before he opens fire. (Even after listening to the soundtrack several times, I'm unsure on this point.) But assuming Islamic adab (etiquette) has not completely broken down at Al Noor, any greeting is more likely to be "Salām, Brother" than "Hello, brother" or "Welcome, brother". (Morals and Manners in Islam: A Guide to Islamic Adab, by Marwan Ibrahim Al-Kaysi, states: "Using other expressions of greeting, such as 'good morning', 'good evening', 'hello', are allowed only after saying: Assalamu 'alaykum." p150 )

The presence in the video's soundtrack of preternatural groans from "victims" — and even the words "Help me! Help me!" from the dummy in the gutter — is meaningless, of course. These sounds and words have obviously been dubbed in, and are designed to tug at the heartstrings and emphasize the callousness of the "killer" who ignores them.

Real feet and fake feet: They think we can't tell the difference

Real feet and fake feet
Almost all the Muslims in New Zealand are Asians and North Africans, who have broad, rough, brown feet — as seen above, during prayers in Hagley Park, Christchurch. In contrast, the feet of the "victims" of Tarrant's alleged shooting rampage (see inset) are long, thin, delicate and white, like the feet of mannequins. Note, too, the spindly ankles.

As we have seen, in the image referenced above, the role of "mosque welcomer" has been assigned to the Afghan Daoud Nabi. But oddly, it is not his body that lies in the entrance to the mosque. The "body" there is of a much younger man, who is not wearing the Afghan dess that Nabi customarily wore. So what happened? One suggestion, from Peekay Truth, is that Nabi, who was 71, died of natural causes between the making of the "live-stream" and the alleged staging of the "attack" on March 15, and was posthumously slotted into the drama. If this happened, Peekay Truth adds, Nabi's funeral was genuine — almost certainly the only genuine funeral that was held during the subsequent two weeks. (See "Peekay Destroys the Christchurch Shooting" at

Despite the intensity of the "shooting" inside the mosque, there is no "river of blood . . . flowing off terracotta tiles" — as reported by ambulance officer Paul Bennet. He is presumably referring to a small amount of stage blood that appears on the tiles at 10:32-33 while the "gunman" is entering the mosque for the second time after making a return trip to his car parked in the alley. Elsewhere, all viewers of the "live-stream" report remarkably little "blood". Another picture is here.

The official narrative is also questionable in the case of Farid Ahmed. On March 29, Newshub reported: "Farid Ahmed was inside the Al Noor Mosque on Deans Ave when a gunman opened fire. He uses a wheelchair and was unable to flee, but still survived the attack." Has any viewer of the "live-stream" spotted a man in a wheelchair? I don't think so.  

Farid Ahmed meets Trump

Wolfgang Eggert There is also the case of Tariq Omar, who reportedly died on March 15 while "[trying] to help children to escape the mosque during the gunfire". (Quote from TVONE's Sunday program of May 12, 2019.) Again, one has to point out that the "live-stream" does not show anyone undertaking any such action. So if it's true that Omar died in a shooting on that day while trying to save children, it's reasonable to suggest that he died in a shooting that was not the one represented by the "live-stream". And any such suggestion is supported by the opinion of Wolfgang Eggert (see above, in the panel headlined "Payback? Did Israel hijack the drill and turn it into 'reality'?"), who thinks the "live-stream" is not a live-stream but a simulation that was prepared earlier for the "coincidental" police counter-terrorism drill. "It was a 'drill film'," he writes. "It was only meant to be seen and [be] analyzed by the agents of the drill-team training on the 15th of March for a virtual terror incident against two mosques in Christchurch".

Marc Delantre This is where Marc Delantre (see The Various faces of Brenton Tarrant) also reenters the picture. He maintains the fake shooting (represented by the "live-stream") masks a real shooting, and that the anomalies of the former are deliberate insertions designed to keep "truth seeker[s], experts and other smart people" distracted. In other words, it is a device to "control the opposition" — in the time-honored tradition of rogue intelligence agencies. Hence the "sandbox theory", as espoused by former Christchurch resident Paul Scott and others. This suggests a patently false narrative sets the parameters of a "sandbox", i.e. playpen, in which skeptics are corralled, surveilled and managed. The skeptics pick the narrative to pieces but get nowhere. Eventually, they run out of steam, lose interest and drift away. They don't think of looking for answers outside the sandbox, which is where the creators of the narrative operate. The principle is similar to that of the conjurer — divert attention to one side of the stage, while the deed is done on the other.

Thus, it's not surprising that the Government, which is committed to the "authenticity" of the "live-stream", is anxious to squelch all knowledgeable debate on the Christchurch "shootings". The more one investigates them, the more one realizes that the official narrative is untenable.

In my opinion, Christchurch's Muslims are also in a precarious position, despite the enhanced status I have mentioned above. If they have been lying, they have been compromised. And if they have been compromised, they can be blackmailed. And if they can be blackmailed, they can be controlled and induced to do more things that are against Islam. The "they are us" meme is a nice political slogan, suggestive of harmonious relations ahead. But what does the emotional aftermath of this "tragic" incident really mean for their future — and for the future of the Muslim community in general?  

Two imams in UAE

Aftermath of "tragedy": Living it up in the UAE — one of the perpetrators of the genocide in Yemen. Click here to view another picture of the two imams being feted. Click here to see celebrities offering their condolences at Al Noor.

Faux hijabs to the fore in Christchurch's Carnival of Grief

Cat Stevens on stage in Christchurch

Bullet How many Muslims were disturbed, as I was, by the carnival of grief that followed the alleged shootings? Can any Muslim claim to be unaware of the "sin" of excessive mourning (see below), especially when this is accompanied by singing and performances of the haka — a war dance that Turkey once banned as obscene. Within hours, the frontages of mosques around the country became tableaus of floral wreaths and bouquets, interspersed with flags and messages of misplaced condolence. The irony is that many of the latter undoubtedly came from people who previously expressed a low opinion of Muslims, and predicted their presence in the country would eventually cause problems. All were seemingly caught up in the national catharsis. And now, of course, they won't hear of anything that challenges their cherished illusion. Any suggestion the official narrative is, in reality, a pack of lies can only be seen as evidence of Islamophobia. Honest skepticism is an impossibility.

• Above right, Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam, a man who once appeared to call for the execution of novelist Salman Rushdie, does his thing at the national memorial service for "victims" of the "terrorist attack". The service was held on March 29, 2019, in Hagley Park, Christchurch.

Sharia on grieving and mourning
The above passages are from The religious ruling for lamentation and mourning at

Honor guard at mosque

Armed police? Flags and flowers? An honor guard of non-Muslim women wearing faux hijab? This is bizarre. What will come next? Hawkers selling trinkets made from empty bullet casings? (Outside Al Noor Mosque, Friday, May 3, 2019.) Although the contentious issue of faux hijab is beyond the scope of this study, I have saved a few articles on the subject: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Jacinda Ardern as the handmaiden to Dajjal
In Islamic eschatology, the Dajjal is the Great Deceiver who takes the stage during the End Times.

The Dajjal

History and myth combine in gunman's incredible graffiti

The graffiti on the "guns" used by "Tarrant" refer to the following (list compiled by u/Obijohn3 on Reddit):

Tours 732: Battle in modern-day France, when the Frankish soldiers under Charles Martel turned back an invasion by the Umayyad general Abd al-Rahman ibn Abd Allah Al-Ghafiqi. The battle ended in a slaughter and complete retreat of the Arab forces (even being forced to leave behind their spoils), thus gaining Charles fame for being the savior of Europe.

Charles Martel: Previously mentioned leader of Francia and founder of the Carolingian dynasty, also known as Charles the Hammer. He is one of the fathers of feudalism, and his grandson Charlemagne is often regarded as the father of Western Civilization.

Acre 1189: First battle of the Third Crusade. Ended in a Christian victory thanks to King Richard the Lionheart, thus dashing Saladin's (sultan of Egypt) hopes of completely destroying the Levantine Crusader states.

Lepanto 1571: Naval engagement off the coast of modern-day Greece between the Holy League (a coalition of Catholic states), who were backing up the Venetians, and the Ottoman Empire. Ended in a disastrous defeat for the Ottomans, and signaled the end of their dominance over the Mediterranean, though they would end up winning the war against Venice and taking Cyprus.

The gunman's gear

Vienna 1683: Second Siege of Vienna, where a combined Polish-Austrian force decisively defeated an Ottoman army sent to capture the city. Often seen as the definitive end of Turkish expansion into Europe, and is often seen as the beginning of the decline in power for the Islamic world.

Turkofagos: Literally means "Turk-eater". Nickname for Nikitaras, a famous Greek revolutionary general, who gained the epithet during the Battle of Dervenakia after breaking 4 swords in combat.

14 Words: A phrase coined by David Lane ("We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children") that has become popular amongst far-right groups. The American founder of the White Supremacist terror organization the Base, he was arrested in connection to the murder of liberal Jewish talk show host Alan Berg outside his Denver home in 1984.

John Hunyadi: A 15th-century Hungarian general and voivode of Transylvania. Led multiple campaigns and crusades against the Turks. He is most famous for defending Belgrade in 1456, which led to his being seen as a savior in the rest of the Catholic world.

St. Michael's Cross: Looks like the number sign. Insignia of the Iron Guard, a clerical Fascist paramilitary group in Romania during the interwar period (sort of like the Brown Shirts). Were integrated into the pro-Axis Romanian government in 1940, but eventually had a falling out with the government over a perceived revoking of privileges and launched a revolt/Jewish pogrom in Bucharest, thus leading to their demise and exile in 1941.

Jean Parisot de Valette: French Grandmaster of the Knights Hospitaller (pretty much Crusader pirates) who led the defense of Malta in 1565 against the Ottoman navy. His bravery and smarts during this battle eventually gained him immense fame, and today the capital of Malta is named after him.

Malta 1565: Siege of the island of Malta in the Mediterranean by the Ottoman Turks. Despite being outnumbered almost 6 to 1, the Knight's Hospitaller was able to hold out until a relief force arrived, almost completely wiping out the Turkish force and killing its leader Dragut (who was regarded as one of the most feared admirals of his time). Destroyed the idea of Ottoman invisibility in the eyes of many Europeans and stopped their expansion into the Western Mediterranean.

Crab Rave: A song by Irish DJ Noisestorm that eventually became a meme, often to signify a celebration of some kind. Here's your 14-Point Migration Compact: Refers to the Global Compact for Migration, a nonbinding agreement endorsed by the UN in 2018 which is supposed to deal with the rights and treatment of migrants across the world.

Josué Estébanez: A former Spanish army soldier who, in 2007, was sentenced to 26 years in prison for stabbing Carlos Palomino (a 16-year-old Anti Fascist) to death on the Madrid Metro and injuring two others. They were both on their way to attend different sides of an anti-immigration rally. Vac 1684: Battle in modern-day Hungary during the Great Turkish War which ended in an Austrian victory.

Miloš Obilić: He was supposedly a Serb assassin who killed the Ottoman sultan Murad I at the Battle of Kosovo in 1389, but his existence is a mystery as he is never seen in contemporary sources, first being mentioned in a biography of a Serbian King around 50-60 years after the battle.

Sigismund of Luxembourg: Contrary to his name, he was the King of Hungary, known for leading the failed Crusade of Nicopolis in 1396 against the Ottomans. Afterward, he founded the Order of Dragon to combat the Turks (this alliance included various Balkan states like Serbia and Albania) and became Holy Roman Emperor for a while. If you played Kingdom Come: Deliverance, he is the bad guy king in that game.

Feliks Kazimierz Potocki: A Polish general who took part in the Battle of Vienna and fought in the Great Turkish War.

Battle of Sarikamish: First battle of the Caucasus Campaign during WW1 between the Ottomans and Russians on the modern-day Armenian-Turkish border. It ended in a decisive Russian victory, largely because the Turkish commanders didn't equip their soldiers correctly for the cold weather and thus allowed tens of thousands to freeze to death.

Battle of Sardarabad: Fought in May 1918 between the Ottomans and the newly independent First Republic of Armenia. The victory stopped the invasion by the Turks and is often stated to have saved Armenian statehood.

Iosef Gurko: Russian Field Marshal during the 1877-1878 Russo-Turkish War. He spearheaded the invasion of the Balkans and even threatened to take Constantinople, thus ending the war. He is regarded as one of the liberators of Bulgaria.

Slankamen: Battle during the Great Turkish War in 1691 which saw the Austrians defeat a Hungarian army under Emeric Thokoly, thus securing Croatia. Thokoly was a Kuruc, which meant he and his soldiers were Protestant Hungarians who allied with the Ottoman Turks to preserve their religious freedom from the Catholic Austrians.

Khotyn 1621: Battle between the Poles and the Turks in modern-day Ukraine, ending in a Polish victory and the stopping of an Ottoman invasion of the Commonwealth.

For Ebba: Ebba Ackerlund, an 11-year-old Swedish girl who was killed in a 2017 truck ramming attack in Stockholm. Her killer was a 39-year-old Uzbek asylum seeker who had previously pledged loyalty to ISIS in a video.

For Rotherham: Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal that came to light in 2010, in which a group of largely British-Pakistani men in the town of Rotherham was arrested on charges of sexual abuse (including SA and forced prostitution) of underaged girls, many of whom were White. This led to a major debate over race as well as the neglect of working-class children by British authorities.

Alexandre Bissonette: A Canadian far-right extremist who, in 2017, opened fire on the Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec City, killing 6 and wounding 19, ostensibly in revenge for the killing of a Canadian soldier by an Islamist 3 years prior.

Luca Traini: An Italian anti-immigrant political candidate who shot and wounded 6 African migrants in a drive-by shooting in the city of Macerata, supposedly in revenge for the brutal dismemberment of an Italian teenage girl by a Nigerian illegal immigrant.

Battle of Kagul, 1770: Decisive Russian victory over the Turks during the Sixth Russo-Turkish War in present-day Bulgaria, with them defeating an army twice their size.

Bajo Pivljanin: A Serbian Hajduk (irregular soldiers who protected Balkan Christians) who was employed by the Venetians in Dalmatia during the 17th century.

Fruzhin: A 15th-century Bulgarian nobleman who led a failed rebellion against the Turks (with Hungarian help) in order to reform their old empire.

Battle of Bulair: Fought between the Ottomans and Bulgarians during the First Balkan War in modern-day Turkey. The Bulgarians decisively defeated an Ottoman counterattack, wiping out half the Turkish force.

Sebastiano Venier: Admiral who led the Venetian naval forces at the Battle of Lepanto mentioned previously, who later went on the be the Doge of Venice. Theorized to have been a cousin of Ottoman Sultan Murad II.

Shipka Pass: Major battle in the 1877-1878 Russo-Turkish War. A small force of Russian soldiers and Bulgarian volunteers held the pass against a Turkish army many times its size. This led to the collapse of Turkish rule in Bulgaria.

Novak Vujosevic: Montenegrin tribesman who fought valiantly at the Battle of Fundina in 1876, killing 28 Turks in combat.

Anton Ludin Peterson: Swedish Neo-Nazi who murdered 3 people at a school in Trollhattan in 2015 before being shot by police. All 3 were of immigrant background, and he had chosen the school specifically for the area’s high foreign-born population.

For Berlin: Berlin 2016 Truck Attack, when a 23-year-old Tunisian asylum seeker drove a semi-truck into a crowded Christmas Market, killing 13 total. The driver, who was supposed to have been deported, pledged allegiance to ISIS in a video.

Othala, Sig, and Tiwaz Rune: Germanic runes that represent heritage, victory, and the God Tyr respectively. The Sig rune is famous now for its use in the SS icon. Unconfirmed Symbol: Looks a little like an L. From my research, it most closely matches up with the flag of the National Radical Camp, a fascist party in Poland.

Odo the Great: Duke of Aquitaine in Southern France who originally supported the Umayyads against Charles Martel, but later joined forces with him. He is known for his victory at Toulouse in 721 (the first decisive victory over the Muslims by Europeans), and his vital role in the Battle of Tours in 732.

For Madrid: Madrid 2004 Metro Bombings, which killed 193 people and wounded 2,000. The attack was carried out by Al-Qaeda in retaliation for Spanish military involvement against them in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Clavijo 844: A legendary battle during the Reconquista that most historians agree is almost certainly fictional.

Skanderbeg: A 15th-century Albanian nobleman who defected from the Ottoman army and led a revolt in Albania, creating the League of Lezhe (an alliance of Albanian lords) that lasted for 30 years. Seen as a revolutionary freedom fighter by Albanians today.

Remove Kebab: Refers to the song “Karadzic, Lead Your Serbs”, which showcases a group of Bosnian Serb soldiers celebrating their leader Radovan Karadzic (the president of Republika Srpska who was convicted of war crimes against Bosniak and Croat civilians during the 1990s Yugoslav Wars). Quickly became a popular meme, especially among the Paradox grand strategy game community, before being adopted by the Alt-Right.

Refugees Welcome to Hell: Self-explanatory.

Edward Codrington: A British Admiral who supported the Greeks during the Greek Revolutionary War. Most notable for his victory at Navarino in 1827, which completely wiped out an Ottoman armada and forced the Egyptian Army to evacuate from Greece.

Antonio Bragadin: Venetian general who led the defense of the Cypriot city of Famagusta in 1570. Was eventually skinned alive by Grand Vizer Lala Mustafa Pasha after the city fell due to his supposed killing of a group of Muslim pilgrims.

Ernst Rudiger von Starhemberg: Austrian military governor who led the defense of Vienna in 1683. Used clever tactics and planning (including blowing up tunnels dug by Janissaries) to delay the larger Ottoman army (120,000-20,000) until Polish reinforcements arrived.

Konstantin II Asen: Ruled the Tsardom of Vidin during the early 15th century. Regarded as the last ruler of old Bulgaria.

Battle of Ivankovac: First major victory of Serbian Revolutionaries over a regular Ottoman Army in 1805. The outnumbered Serb forces were able to survive an ambush and hold until reinforcements arrived, killing a Pasha and forcing the Turks to retreat.

Pavlo Lapshyn: British White Supremacist of Ukrainian-Tatar ancestry bombed 3 mosques in the West Midlands and murdered 82-year-old Pakistani immigrant Mohammed Saleem in Birmingham in 2013. Told police his goal was to kill and harm non-whites.

Michael Szilagyi: Hungarian general and brother-in-law to Hunyadi who defended the fortress of Belgrade in 1456. Eventually was captured, tortured, and sawed in half in Constantinople by Turkish soldiers.

Bohemond I of Antioch: Experienced Leader of the First Crusade who would later go on to become the Prince of Antioch (a Crusader state). Went on to fight multiple campaigns against both the Arab states and Byzantines.

Gaston IV of Bearn: French count who fought in the First Crusade, showing notable performances at the sieges of Antioch and Jerusalem. Ironically enough, Gaston actually had very sympathetic feelings for Muslims, advocating for their rights under Christian rule and peaceful dialogue/negotiation with Islamic communities and powers. He even attempted to save members of the Muslim community during the Sack of Jerusalem by hiding them in Al Aqsa Mosque.

Pelayu: Misspelling of Pelagius. He was a Visogothic nobleman who founded the Kingdom of Asturias in Northern Spain in the early 8th century, fending off the Umayyad invasion. He is thus seen as the man who started the Reconquista.

David Soslan: King consort of Georgia in the late 12th and early 13th century. He is known for his victories over Turkic groups which solidified Georgian dominance over the Caucasus.

David the Builder: A 12th-century Georgian King who expelled the Seljuks from the country and ushered in the Georgian Golden Age.

Dmitri Senyavin: Russian Admiral who fought in 3 wars against the Ottomans from the late 18th to early 19th century. Instrumental is allowing Russia to gain naval dominance over the Black Sea.

Serban Cantacuzino: Wallachian Prince who betrayed the Ottomans and helped the Austrians during the Siege of Vienna. He planned on joining the Holy League if the Austrians promised him the throne of Constantinople.

Marko Miljanov: Montenegrin chief and war hero, most known for his victory at the Battle of Fundina in 1876 mentioned earlier.

Stefan Lazarvic: Ruler of Serbia and founding member of the Order of the Dragon, he was previously an Ottoman vassal before declaring independence and allying himself with the Hungarians in the early 15th century.

Gjergj Arianiti: Albanian noble and father-in-law of Skanderbeg, he was an important Albanian lord and ruler in the League of Lezhe.

For the Bataclan: Refers to the Bataclan theater, which was hit as part of the November 2015 Paris Attacks by ISIS. The theater, which was holding a concert for the hard rock band “Eagles of Death Metal”, was faced with a mass shooting and hostage situation which killed 90 attendees.

Sonenrrad: Also known as the Black Sun, this icon was popularized in Nazi Germany and remains a prominent far-right symbol to this day.

Sinine Aratus Mark: Symbol of Sinine Aratus, a far-right nationalist party in Estonia.

Celtic Cross: An old symbol of the Gaelic Church that the Nazi Party adopted in various countries during the 30s and 40s. It is known now for being the icon of the website Stormfront.

Stefan the Great: Prince of Moldova in the 15th century who led multiple campaigns against the Ottomans and their vassal leaders in modern-day Romania. Often regarded by Romanians as one of the greatest leaders of the nation.

Psalm 144:1: “Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle.”

Knight’s Templar Brievik: Reference to Anders Brievik, a far-right Norwegian terrorist who killed 77 people in Oslo in bombing and shooting attacks targeting the Labour Party. His motivations were to stop Eurabia (a conspiracy theory that states that elites are trying to replace Europeans with Arabs or other Middle Easterners), which he thought the party was promoting due to their pro-immigration and multicultural stance.

Marcantonio Colonna: Viceroy of Sicily who led the Papal Naval forces at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571. He famously killed the head admiral of the Turkish Navy, Ali Pasha, and placed his head on a spike, which demoralized the Turks and helped hasten their loss.

Werwolf’s Symbol: Ancient Germanic symbol that could supposedly ward off wolves, later became a symbol of German liberty and independence. Was adopted by the Nazis.

Deus Vult: Rallying cry for Crusaders, translates to “God Wills It”.

This Machine kills Communists: A twist on a message that American folk singer Woody Guthrie put on his guitar.

Otoya Yamaguchi: Japanese ultranationalist student who assassinated the chairman of the Japanese Socialist Party Inejirō Asanuma on live TV in 1960.

Seven lives for my country: Quote from Otoya, supposedly referencing 14th-century Samurai Kusunoki Masashige, that was found in written on his prison cell wall after he committed suicide.

To England to Europe to Britain they were true: Quote by Oswald Mosley, head of the British Union of Fascists during the 20s and 30s.