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Christchurch Shootings: What Really Happened

on 15.03.19? Pictures of Temel Ataçocuğu

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In hospital bed
Visited by Sonny Bill Williams, March 23, 2019.

Outside the High Court
Outside the High Court. Did the leg wound (shown below) necessitate a wheelchair?

Outside the High Court

Temel Atacocugu
According to TVONE News, May 10, 2019, Temel was "left riddled with bullets".

Temel Atacocugu
Temel points to where "the first bullet" struck him. He claims he was hit by nine.

Temel Atacocugu
Arm wound.

Temel Atacocugu

Temel Atacocugu
Leg wound.

Petra Liverani has pointed out to me that Ataçocuğu goes in for "Masonic black and white stripes", and is "wearing bandages for conditions requiring compression or for sprains/breaks not bullet wounds":

Masonic stripes 1Masonic stripes 2

It's all a scam, folks. Click here to read the article in which Ataçocuğu inadvertently reveals what is really wrong with his left arm.

Temel Atacocugu outside court, June 14, 2019
Temel using a crutch, outside court on June 14, 2019.

Temel preparing for Hajj
Preparing for Hajj, 2019.

Temel finally reveals left arm

Temel's left arm is fully healed

Temel was in hospital for knee surgery in 2018 — about a year before the "mosque attacks". Click here to view the pictures.
Temel spreads his wings in Cyprus during his trip around the eastern Mediterranean in late 2019. Click here to view the picture.

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