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About: Profile of Basil Throckmorton
Correspondence: What our readers say
Operation Gladio: Blueprint for state terrorism
Precursor: The CrisisX conference in Auckland
Weapons: The AR-15 assault rifle & replica airguns
Mystery: Suspicious car at Al Noor
Why I Believe the Event Was a Hoax, by Kurt Haskell
What Happened and Why, by Scott Bennett
Manifesto: The copy-and-paste job attributed to Brenton Tarrant
Kufr in Christchurch: The betrayal of Islam

'Shootings' aftermath

Gallery 1: Pictures of 'survivors'
Gallery 2: Pictures of 'survivor' Temel Atacocugu
Gallery 3: Pictures of 'survivor' Adeeb Sami
Gallery 4: Pictures of 'survivor' Sheikh Hasan Rubel
Gallery 5: Pictures of 'survivor' Tarik Chenafa
Gallery 6: Pictures of 'survivor' Mohamed Jama, with a reference to Abdul Aziz of Linwood Islamic Center
Gallery 7: Pictures of 'fatality' Tariq Omar
Gallery 8: Pictures of 'survivor' Taj Mahammad Kamran
Gallery 9: Pictures of 'survivor' Zulfirman Syah
Anomaly: Shooter seems to aim for left arm


Were the Christchurch attacks planned in Australia?
Fame & Fortune: Celebrities visit Al Noor
The law: Philip Arps case
More mass hysteria: Petitions launched in wake of 'shootings'
Album of miscellaneous pictures from Christchurch

Images referenced

• Crime scene 1: Inside the mosque, dummies lie in a heap — all face-down
• Crime scene 2: In the alley, crisis actors are shepherded by police
• Crime scene 2a: In the alley, relaxed crisis actors mill around. These are the people who, we are told, are so   traumatized they are going to need 'counseling' for the rest of their lives. And lots of cash to ease their pain
• Crime scene 2b: Yet another picture of the group of crisis actors in the alley. At this stage (December 16, 2019), it's hard to establish the sequence of these shots. Thus, this picture could precede one, or both, of the others
• Crisis actors, including some from crime scene 2, reconvene in Hagley Park
Ardern extols globalism at UN
British Army recruits 'Snowflakes'
Safe Space vs Freedom of Speech cartoon
The Left's politically correct beliefs
Saul Alinsky's Eight Levels of Control
Love Will Win: Cover of Woman's Weekly, April 1, 2019
• Real person or dummy? The mystery of Ansi Alibava
• Real person or dummy? The second female 'body' found in Deans Avenue
The Evil Tower of Google
Enlargement of the picture of police arresting Tarrant — or dummy
Police shown in training on the day of the 'attacks'
Brenton Tarrant in Pakistan
• An ammunition magazine is already on the floor as the gunman approaches the prayer hall
• 'Pre-killed bodies' are already in place as the gunman enters the prayer hall