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Terror wears red – in both Australia and NZ

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Man in red outside Al Noor

An enlargement of the figure walking past Al Noor Mosque, Christchurch, ostensibly at 1.40pm on March 15, 2019. Whatever the sign on the man's back says, the message is clear: "It's okay to proceed." If the modus operandi of the operation is partly Australian (see below), it's perhaps not surprising that the perps decided to use an Australian as their hitman.

Outside Flinders Street Station, Melbourne, January 20, 2017:

Figures in red surround the scene
Figures in bright red, presumably stage managers, are dotted around the scene of what is presented as a terrorist incident.

One stage manager stands conspicuously on the median strip . . .

Man in red photographs the action.
. . . while another operative in red films the action.

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