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Introductory paragraphs dropped during revision of Nov 2023

"Fuck White Supremacy" — and, by extension, the "white" nationalist movements that are now the principal impediment to the pursuit of the globalist agenda. This envisages the deconstruction of the nation state, as conceived by the Peace of Westphalia in 1648, and its replacement by a supranational corporatocracy-technocracy powered by carcinogenic 5G. (There is also evidence that 5G contributes to viral replication.) Under this plan, there will be no national sovereignty and no national culture, as the former nations will be "multicultural" entities with open borders. A crass uniformity will ensure that each is indistinguishable from the others. Token local elections will continue to be held, but democracy will, in effect, be dead, as will freedom of speech. All major decisions will be made by unelected bureaucrats of the central authority, and ruthlessly enforced by armed police — as they are today in France, in relation to the nationalist Yellow Vest movement. Meanwhile, speech will be circumscribed, as it already is to a large extent, by the "therapeutic censorship" of anything "offensive" to the liberal Left's ideals of "safety" and "inclusivity". Ironically, any challenge to a "safe space" of the new "identity politics", aka "snowflake culture", will provoke extreme violence. All dissent will be pathologized and, ultimately, criminalized. See (1) Peter Schrank's cartoon, (2) The Left's Charter, and (3) Saul Alinsky's Eight Levels of Control. With reference to "inclusivity", see The Criminal Justice Court Process in Q v T: Victim Sentiments, Reflections, Recommendations" (September 2019), by Aarif Rasheed and Shaymaa Arif, in which the writers imply that New Zealand's "monocultural" legal system cannot adequately meet the needs of "already deeply alienated" Muslims. Is this a veiled proposal for what would, in effect, be a parallel Sharia court system?

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Secondary to this program are attempts to discredit any organized opposition to it. Many tactics can be used; but Operation Gladio proved that none is more effective than a false-flag terrorist attack that renders the opposition repugnant to the public. That is not to say that all terrorist attacks are hoaxes, but that one should always be on the lookout for anomalies in the official narrative, or official evidence, that are indications of a contrived event. No statement from "authority" should be uncritically accepted. What "authority" wants to do, through propaganda, censorship, surveillance and intimidation, is mold your mind to the demands of the dystopian system it is putting in place. (See the "Mission Goals" of UN Agenda 21/30.) This system is called "smart", as in "smart cities"; but the transgendered/transhumanized wretches living in its grip will be anything but. The autonomous individual, in confident control of his mental faculties, will be a thing of the past. He will be a prisoner of the collective psychosis — the warped perception that prevails when reality is defined, at every turn, by those in power. To put the proposition another way: Reality will be reduced to a social construct that will serve the political ends of radical multiculturalism. Meanwhile, the individual's compliance with the system will be rated. He will be given a "social credit" score, based on "big data" analysis, that will reflect the extent to which he has accepted the imposed consensus on any critical issue. Privileges — what used to be known as "rights" — will be either granted or withheld on this basis. Notes: (1) See China's Social Credit Pagoda. (2) In the COVID-19 era of 2020- , the individual New Zealander has been dragooned into a "Team of Five Million", which can collectively look forward to (a) A mandatory, experimental mRNA/DNA-based vaccine,* (b) An "immunity passport" that will be downloaded to either a microchip or a smartphone, and (c) A digital ID (ID2020) that will facilitate surveillance and tracking. Thus, the COVID-19 "plandemic" — and the hype and hysteria surrounding it — serves the same purpose as the false-flag terror attack. As I have noted below, it provides the crucial leverage that enables the globalist elite to radically "reset" society in a way that would normally be resisted.

It will be understood, from the above, that there are two types of terrorist attack: (1) Attacks that cause real deaths and real injuries, such as 9/11 and 7/7, and (2) "Attacks" that have fake deaths and fake injuries, such as the Boston and Manchester bombings. It is the contention of this paper that the Christchurch "shootings" fall wholly or largely into the second category. If you believe otherwise — i.e. that the "shootings" were genuine — I would like to question you about the basis of your belief. Is your opinion based on evidence, or is it based on faith? If you have evidence that someone was seriously wounded on March 15, please produce it. And don't fob me off with a photo of a man with a bandaged left arm, or a pair of crutches, who swears he was "riddled" by an AR-15. Scroll down to see what a bullet from this (or a similar) weapon really does to you when it hits you. It's not a pretty sight. You won't be socializing with Prince William only a few weeks later.

When one expresses doubt about the reality of a terrorist "attack", the immediate response is either "But what about the list of the dead?" or "What about the medical people involved?" I can't precisely answer these questions, because I can't speak for the perpetrators of false-flag events. But in the case of the first question, I would suggest that the perps: (1) Invent identities, (2) Use the identities of already dead people, (3) Use the identities of living people elsewhere in the world, (4) Use the identities of living people who are relocated and given new identities, and (5) In extreme cases, use the identities of people who are sacrificed for the sake of the success of the operation. In connection with (2) and (3), see Mystery of the 'Christchurch massacre' and Who is this person, Com-
missioner Bush?
In connection with (5), remember that the event is still a psyop, even if people are killed. All too often, a heated argument over whether there were actual deaths and/or injuries excludes a rational consideration of the significance of the event as a whole.

Turning to the second question: I see no problem in securing the complicity of hospital staffs. Who is going to violate "patient confidentiality"? Who is going to terminate their employment, and probably their medical career, by talking? To whom would any disillusioned person speak, anyway? To the police, who are involved in the deception? To the hospital administration, which is also involved? To the co-opted press, which will never print anything that undermines the official narrative? It's not surprising that the involvement of doctors and nurses in the Boston and Manchester stunts led to no major problems for the perps. Besides, one can be reasonably sure that not one of these medical workers has a complete picture of what has happened. The "compartmentalization of knowledge" ensures that each knows no more than he or she needs to know to perform their role in the drama. The same is true of police officers, prison wardens, court officials, and all those who step forward as the alleged perpetrator passes through the travesty of the legal system.  

* With this shot, "you essentially turn your body into its own vaccine manufacturing unit," Bill Gates writes at