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Anomalies in Linwood Islamic Center narrative:

'Witnesses' give bizarre, conflicting testimonies

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Linwood panorama

The location of the centre, at the end of a long driveway, makes it highly unlikely that Matt Williams would have seen "dead people lying on the fucking side of the road", even if there had been a shooting at the centre.

Matt Williams

The above picture is from the April 5, 2019, Vinny Eastwood interview with Matt Williams, Rob Nelson and an unidentified person at YouTube. As always in this case, no statement is challenged.

Abdul Aziz

This picture is from a Global News interview at YouTube. There is no mention of a wrestling match by Aziz — who was, according to the official narrative, the only person to pursue the gunman.

In the Vinny Eastwood interview, the unidentified person appears to be a narrative manager, who prompts Williams to say the right things. The following is a transcript of the first part of it:

Eastwood: Right, so we're here with a couple of eyewitnesses of the Linwood shooting. Sir, what's your name again, sorry?
Williams: Matt Williams.
Eastwood: Matt Williams. And who's your friend here?
Nelson: Rob Nelson.
Eastwood: Rob Nelson. And you guys are local to Linwood, aren't you?
Williams: I am.
Eastwood: Yeah, OK, so I just wanted to get...
Nelson: I'm from Dunedin...
[Irrelevant personal matters.]
Unidentified: But, I mean, the first thing is there's a lot of people been saying "Bullshit". Like, "Oh no, there weren't...there weren't real people. That was all actors." That's all crap, isn't it? You were here. You saw (inaudible).
Williams: This was real. There was no way this was not real. I seen dead people lying on the fucking side of the road, bro. This is straight up. You cannot lie about this. If people say that it didn't happen... It fucking happened.
Unidentified: So you were just here having a normal afternoon, having a beer...all this stuff, nor...
Williams: No, I was driving.
Unidentified: You were driving... OK. So you were driving past at the time when this happened?
Williams: No, I was coming back to town. I was driving past here, and I was thinking, "What the fuck's this cunt up to?"
Unidentified: So you actually saw this guy?
Williams: Yes.
Unidentified: And, I mean...
Williams: I saw the other guy wrestle him.
Unidentified: Yeah, yeah.
Williams: Take shit...
Unidentified: Yeah, yeah.
Williams: And there were dead people.
Unidentified: So you were actually watching one of the people from the mosque wrestling this gunman?
Williams: Yeah.
Unidentified: And then he basically ran off, and he jumped in this other car...
Williams: No, he got the gun off him.
Unidentified: OK...(stutters) the guy from the mosque got the gun off him. So what did the gunman do at that time? Did he run away?
Williams: He ran away, got in his car, and fucking drove, and he was going to fucking...
Nelson: That's when he went down to Deans Ave.
Background voices: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Williams: He was off on his way to... (pauses, thinks) ...Springs Road. There's a creche there. That's a lot of Muslim-based creche. And he was off his (inaudible).

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